Consultation and Engagement

We want to hear your views! This page shows the current patient and public engagement activities where you can get involved and have your say. You can also see past consultation and engagement exercises and read the feedback from them.

Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is committed to being accountable to our patients and public and placing them at the heart of everything we do. This is incorporated in our Communications and Engagement Strategy.

We ensure they can have their say about Herefordshire’s health services. We also make sure that their opinions are listened to by the CCG and that we act on concerns. How?

We want to hear your views! This page shows the current patient and public engagement activities where you can get involved and have your say. You can see more information about a particular engagement or consultation activity by clicking on the project name. 

Join the conversation and register your particular areas of interest today!

Previous consultation exercises have been held and the public's view has been taken into consideration when the committee has had to make an important decision in the Herefordshire heath care system. 

Current Consultation and Engagement (calendar)





Mental Health Strategy

The CCGs in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, on behalf of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Sustainability Transformation Partnership (STP) are interested to hear your opinions on mental health, so they can ensure local strategy better meets the needs of Herefordshire and Worcestershire patients, public, staff, partners and local organisations. The feedback received will help to shape the development of a new Mental Health Strategy.

Closed Tuesday 1 October 2019  12pm Tuesday 12 November 2019

Consultation on the future of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire CCGs

Views are being sought on a proposal to form one NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for Herefordshire and Worcestershire to replace the four current CCGs.

Closed 05 June 2019 21 June 2019

Views sought on hip and knee surgery eligibility criteria

The demands on healthcare today are growing at an unprecedented rate and the NHS is under increasing pressure to deliver all that we are asking of it.

People are living longer, there are better treatments available and our modern culture and population health issues such as diabetes and obesity are adding to the demand.

Closed 01 June 2019 30 June 2019
Seven Day Services in Primary Care

Local NHS leaders are seeking the views of the public over the future of GP services in Hereford City.

These proposals are designed to ensure that the Clinical Commissioning Group can secure the very best services for patients, who should expect the same high quality of care seven days a week.

Closed 03 March 2017 24 April 2017

Community services engagement

We are seeking your views on the CCGs plans to engage on what local community health and care services could look like and how people can get involved. We will be holding a series of countywide public engagement events throughout the summer into October 2017. 

Closed  21 June 2017 3  Oct 2017

Over the Counter and Gluten Free prescribing

To bring Herefordshire and Worcestershire policies on prescribing over the counter medicines and gluten free foods in to alignment to support primary care capacity and patient self-care, Herefordshire CCG is proposing to restrict the prescribing of over the counter medicines for short-term, self-limiting conditions and also to stop the prescribing of gluten-free foods. We welcome your views.

Closed 20 August 2018 9 September 2018